ITResearch has separate hostels for boys and girls. The student hostel, is designed to harbor collaboration and interaction among the students from different community. Here everyone is connected like a family to build the homely atmosphere which is very much imperative in the first year. 

Located within the campus next to the Institute, the hostel is just a minute walk out , so students will have unparallel ease of access to campus facilities and resources. The hostel is constructed in such way to house 2 students in each room with attached bathrooms and other essential services that make living on campus comfortable , safe and affordable. Hostelites enjoy periodic maintenance of rooms along with hygienic food, Wi-Fi enabled premises, caring wardens who are available 24X7.

The hostel not only offers our students a place to live, study and relaxes together, it will also give them an exclusive living experience that will equip them with life-long skills. We also want to encourage them to express themselves, build a sense of identity and community, and hopefully spark off novel and original ideas, enabling them to realize their full potential in the process.

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